Ecom Idea : website platform for your business. We analyze your business, focusing on delivering the best solution for your target audience, increasing conversion with sustainable sales profit | เกี่ยวกับเรา
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Why us?

Many big companies domestically and internationally have been spending lots of money for marketing action. Creating the professional brand website in order to build brand identity for more opportunities to grow up the business, and attract more potential customers. Unfortunately, for the small and medium businesses, they may not be able to invest so much money to build a professional website platform. Due to the limitation of resources and business budget, the question is ‘How can small business will be more competitive by less spending on marketing budget’

We realized the potential of small business and would like to play a part in helping them to more competitive , successful in their industry and gain sustainable profit in the long term.

Today, Buyers meet sellers easily through the internet. Customers can buy brand products directly on social media platform such as Facebook, Instagram. These platforms encourage businesses to approach target customers by commutation on platforms faster. How can we ensure that using only social media will be enough to be more competitive for good? Every businesses can be set up and use social media to communicate with the customers as well.

Building Brand Identity website to be differentiate among rivals is essential for business.

Target Customers Analysis

Website Presentation

Web Accessibility and Device Competibility

Evaluation, Statistics & Measurement

Business website is such a first touch point to connect people and brand. It’s all about the ability to present products or services of business. Communication in the same direction in order to create brand perception to customers. However Website could bring you much more customers or decrease number of customers as well. If customers pay attention to our competitor websites more than us, what should be happened next? So it doesn’t mean that business will take benefits from making a website all the time. If the key message or brand identity is incorrect or miscommunicate with target group.

Successful business doesn’t depend on only technology, but business must understand customer behavior and how to present brand to approach targets. Technology is just the tools for communication. Integrate marketing strategies with technology for the best solution to connect business with customers properly. This is the most essential part in our services.

Who we are?

Professional IT Business Consultant
for SME Business with Affordable Cost